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Privacy of your content has become so important in today’s world that people feel that privacy has become very difficult. But keeping your content private is very easy in this digital age. In this blog post, we’ll look at three Android apps that will protect your content like photos, videos, and snapshots. Millions of people use these apps. You will be given a complete review of these three apps and how to use them. Let’s go and check out these popular apps.

1. Calculator Photo Vault

Calculator Photo Vault is an Android app specially designed for the privacy protection of users’ videos, photos, and various snapshots. Users can use it without any risk. It keeps your privacy 100%. Calculator Photo Vault, the application at first glance looks like a calculator that is how this app protects its users. This app also dodges the viewer. This app protects your privacy fortress from being exposed. This app strengthens your content fortress.

App Top Features

  • You can store movies, photos, and videos within the app without any memory limit.
  • The application includes its private browser. Download photos or videos from anywhere and add them to the lock within the Instant Photo Vault. If you lift your video from your album and lock it inside the Photo Vault application, that video is cut from within the album.
  • A quick shake of the mobile closes the app lock and it is completely in your grasp.
  • If someone repeatedly invades your privacy with an incorrect password, its failsafe automatically captures a picture of that person.
  • You can also set your finger lock inside this application.
  • Within this app, you can also change the colors for your favorite theme.
  • This app welcomes you with a simple and amazing interface.

How to use this application:

  1. When you open the app you have to enter your password then the app opens.
  2. If you forgot your password then match this code 11223344 when you match this code you will be asked your security question. You can then change your password after you enter your security question.
  3. Click “Settings > Safe > Lock Type” to change the password.

This app offers a comprehensive solution to protect your content. This app ensures the privacy of its users. This app ensures that we are always ready for your privacy.


2. Lock Vault – Hide Photo, Video

Lock Vault, also known as Clock Vault. It’s a secret app, you can keep photos, videos, and even, your private screenshots inside this app. This app protects all content in your gallery. This app is designed for privacy. Nowadays every other person is worried about lack of privacy. So now your worries are over and let’s review this app, why this application is so popular, and how to use this app. Let’s go and see.

Key Features:

  • With this app, you can save your photos, videos, and various screenshots.
  • Through this application, you can upload your photo album to this app, if you want, you can extract photos from this app and share them with anyone you want.
  • Within this app,p you can strengthen your privacy by setting locks, etc.
  • If a person repeatedly enters the wrong password to access your privacy, this application will capture his picture and you can catch him by seeing his picture.
  • You can download any image from any browser or easily private an audio or video.
  • You can set a password using your thumb within this app, creating an advanced layer of privacy.
  • If you forget your password, you can change your password by entering your security time.

How to use this app:

  1. Set the clock time to 00:00 to set up the app. Choose your keywords and adjust the hours and minutes.
  2. Press the center button to reset the clock. Adjust the hand password to your position. 
  3. Press the center button again to confirm the vault

Frequently Asked Question

Q: What to do if you forget your password?

A: First set the handle to 10:10 and then follow the screen that opens to recover your password.

Q: Does this application have its internal memory?

A: Only your phone’s memory is used, there is no hidden memory to protect your privacy.

Q: Are files retrieved after the application is installed?

A: Files are not retrieved after the application is installed.

Lock Vault is always ready to protect your files. This app will not let you lose anything permanently, and for your peace of mind, it also gives you the option to recover the password.


3. Private Photo Vault

In this digital era, everyone wants their pictures videos, and private screenshots to be safe, be it an older person or a younger person. [Private Photo Vault] is an Android app. Designed to protect your photos and videos in this digital world. The world is developing so fast that it has created various apps to protect users. You can create a password in the Android app and protect your photos and videos from prying eyes.

By opening the application you have to create your password which provides a double layer of security If users want, their saved personal content can be shared with others. Otherwise, this app protects you and doesn’t let anyone access your content. If someone repeatedly enters the wrong password to access your content, this app captures that person’s GIF. This app ensures the safety of its users and sends every report to the users.

The photo management capability of this app is impressive. This app gives you the option that users can share their content via email or any other medium. The best thing is that this app gives you the security to save the videos as well, you can also export/import the videos.

This app keeps your private content safe.  Your private data is not uploaded to an external service. This app saves your content with unlimited capabilities. This app is a user-friendly app for its users. This app protects your favorite content with its heart and soul. 



Calculator Photo Vault, Lock Vault, and Private Photo Vault, these three Android apps that that are considered popular worldwide. These three apps stand as powerful protectors for you. Ensure your privacy is protected with these three advanced tools.

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