3 Call Voice Changer Apps

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Make quirky phone calls using these three voice-changer apps. Within this blog post, we will mention 3 voice changer apps. Using apps you can prank your friends too by using the effects of girls or other voices. You won’t be able to stop laughing by using these apps and can annoy your friends in a good way. These three apps aim to make people laugh and prank. The best thing is that these apps are free, you don’t need to take any paid subscription. These 3 apps are very popular all over the world. Why are these apps considered popular worldwide? Let’s go and check out these apps.

1. Call Voice Changer Boy to Girl

Call Voice Changer Boy to Girl is an Android app, look no further! This app offers many features, you can change your phone call tone using this app. Call voice changer boy to girl, you can change your voice instantly while calling. With one touch of yours, this application helps you make your voice thick and thin and weird, which is very funny. Using this app you can prank and joke with your friends.

This app is magic, using this app you can extract male-to-female voices that too in just one click. This app not only allows you to extract male-to-female voices but also many different sounds. The explosive robots of this app help you to make different sounds. Capture your voice and share it with your friends and share your laugh.

Key Features:

  • Lots of voice-changing effects, and lots of celebrity voices.
  • One-click instant voice change while on a call
  • You can download Voice
  • You can share the downloaded voice with your friends
  • The best part is that it’s free

Full use of this application

  1. First, enter your mobile number
  2. Enter the country where your friend lives to change your voice
  3. Select the voice of the old man, the woman’s voice, the strange voice, and any other voice that you want to speak in voice.
  4. After making a call, you can change your voice back to your real voice.

App Review:

Call voice changer boy to girl, this app makes every human heart touch while making a call. This app allows users to navigate with a smooth voice. It helps you to change your voice frequently during the call, making the conversation fun. You can record the call you just made, this app ensures that you keep laughing even after the call ends. The app provides options for drawing apps, including helium balloons and spooky sounds. By downloading this app you can prank your friends etc. You can download this application by clicking on the download button below.


2. Voice Changer For Phone Call

Voice changer for phone calls, this is an Android app you can use to make your phone calls funny. Nowadays this kind of app is very important to have in life because it is very useful to annoy your friends and annoy people around you and pass your time. This app is very important to keep you in a good mood.

This app is a voice changer app for phone calls. It allows users to change different voices, you can change the voice from a young man to an old man and from an old man to a young woman. During a phone call, you can select different sounds and surprise your friend with this app’s throw-up jokes.

App Key Features

  • Water can sound thick and thin in this app, this app’s advanced robotic tool-up helps you a lot in changing sounds.
  • With this app, you can extract male-to-female and female-to-male voices.
  • You can change your voice repeatedly during a live call and confuse the next person.
  • You can also take your voice to the next level. By using different sounds so that the next guy is impressed.
  • You can record your voice and send it to your friends. The app also provides you with a platform to listen to your recordings over and over again.
  • Newbies can use this app and change their voice over and over again.

Voice changer for phone calls, but this app puts a smile on your face, cures a bad mood, and relieves anxiety. Users are very happy to use this app and award this app with good feedback.

If you want to add some special fun to your phone calls, this app is ready to help you.  Download this app now and make your life happy. You can make your friends laugh with this app.


3. MagicCall – Voice Changer App

MagicCall is an Android app, that can be a source of laughter on your mobile. This app is used by millions of people to correct their moods. With this app, you can change your real voice and make fun of your loved ones or your friends. 

App Key Features:

  • Using this app you can make cartoon voices as children’s voices and women’s voices and confuse your loved ones, which is very funny.
  • You can switch voices repeatedly during a live call and surprise the next person.
  • You can register for free and for the first time you will be given some credits that you can use, then if you like the app, you can also take a paid subscription.
  • Before calling the customer you will select your voice.
  • MagicCall, you can use without breaking the bank and you can enrich your mood.
  • You can also blow kisses or clap during a live call to make the call more fun.

Within this app, you can also offer sounds like market noise, songs, etc., and happy birthday. This app has made a lot of names around the world. Magic Call lets you convert male-to-female and female-to-male voices within one click, all within a live call.

The full way to use MagicCall:

  1. First, select the voice you want to speak in. You can select cartoon voice female voice and elderly voice.
  2. Dial the number you want to call.
  3. When the call goes live, you and your friend will start laughing.

Magic Call also has a referral program where you can share the link with your friends and win rewards when your friend downloads the app.  That reward can be in the form of credit or a different form. This app is a must for those who are annoying all the time. Using this app users can tease their friends and have a funny conversation. Download this app and enjoy.


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