Best Amazing Voice Lock App


Protecting your mobile is very important these days, if you don’t do it, you may face the risk of having your privacy leaked. In this blog post, we will mention an application that you can use to lock your voice. No one can break the voice lock with their strength. Let’s go and see what an amazing app it is. This app is used by millions of people and it is not a fake app.

1. Voice Screen Lock

Voice Screen Lock is an Android app. This application helps you to install a professional lock. With the help of this app, you can set up a pattern lock, pin lock, and voice lock. Well, you may be wondering how we can install our voice lock, so let me give you an example. First of all, you have to open the app and select any of your voice for voice lock like I say “I went to market today” so when I click on confirm it’s my people set. When I say to the mobile “I have gone to the market” then my mobile will automatically turn off. This is called voice lock.

This application is awake day and night to protect the data of users and this application claims that it is our responsibility to protect your data. 

You have to give the command to this application as I mentioned before, the command you have to give is “today I have to go to the market” so this is my command. Similarly, you have to set a command of your choice. Whenever you repeat this command, if your mobile is open then it will be closed and if it is closed then it will be open. This application is very easy to use. When you open this application, this application will welcome you with a very cute interface. You can also set a typing password on this application. That means you can also set your pattern password.

The advantage of downloading this application is that if someone finds out your pattern password, they cannot access your privacy unless you speak the selected command. This application is for users who want to secure their mobile professionally. This application helps you to set a pattern lock voice lock. After you set your voice lock, the app also allows you to set a pattern lock for added security, which is a real delight for users.

This app unlocks your voice lock if someone else speaks your sim command it won’t unlock because this app first recognizes your voice and then your lock unlocks. Users can set their own beautiful and strong pattern passwords with their personalization.

You can set your desired time at which time your mobile will be locked then when you set the time it will lock your mobile automatically. This application ensures that your privacy is secure at all times. By using this application, users can save their data worry-free. 


Within this blog post, we have mentioned how this application is used and what are its benefits. This application has made its name in the world and millions of people know this application. Download and enjoy this application today and also own this application which is used by millions of people.


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