Call History of Mobile Number


In this blog post, we will mention an application using which you can extract any number of data. Nowadays there are a lot of fake applications in the market which give wrong data to the users. This application can be used by people of every age. Let’s go and see how to use this application.

1. Call History: Any Number Detail

“Call history: Any Number Detail” is an Android application. This application is designed to check or back up the call history of any mobile. This is a Skewer application that gives you perfect data. This application saves your data information forever. This application is specially designed for users who are businessmen so that they can check their call history anytime. This application saves your call history even if your mobile storage is full. You can easily get the data of anyone, how many calls you have received from which number, there is a filter inside the application that you can apply the filter to find the data easily. That too without any hassle and you can export data very quickly.

You can extract advanced data from this application like filtering a saved number and getting data information easily. With the help of this application, you can save the data through an Excel sheet like a download. If you download the Excel sheet, it will automatically mention what time I called you on what date, and the complete details will be inside this sheet, Which is a very convenient and pleasant task for the users.

Backup and Restore

You can easily back up your data and save this backup. If you change mobiles tomorrow, you can install backups inside your new mobile that are strong for privacy. This application gives you several calls and various full information and you can also set a pattern lock on this application so that no one can access your data.

One thing about this application that I also really like. It doesn’t save fake call data so it doesn’t waste your storage. 

How to Use the App

  1. First, open the application then sign in with your mobile phone.
  2. After signing up for the application, the app will welcome you with a cute interface. After that, you select the date to save your data information.
  3. To extract the data of any number, type the number in the search bar above or select the name. So the full data of the same number will appear in front of you.
  4. To export any number of data, go to Settings or Options menu, and then click on Export Data, the file will start downloading in front of you.
  5. To backup your call history go to Backup and download the backup, and if you want to install this backup inside another device you can.
  6. This application is very well designed.  It has different pages within it, you can click on any page you want to go to and reach it easily.


In this blog post, we have mentioned how to use this application in front of you in full review. So you also benefit from this application. This application is used by millions of people and this application is not a fake application it is the most used application in the market. So download this application now and stay updated with your call history.


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