YouTube Premium App Where You Can Watch Ad-free Videos

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PopTube is an Android application specially designed for listening to videos and music. PopTube is an alternative to YouTube. This application is used by millions of people in the market. The biggest advantage of this app is that when you watch a video on this app, no ads are played at the start or end of the video. YouTube tells users to buy a subscription to watch premium videos, but within the app, you can watch videos for free without a subscription. Let’s go and see how this application works.

Key Features

  • Ad-free Music and Video

With PopTube, you can watch movies, songs, and various TV shows without ads, meaning that when you watch videos, ads won’t play inside them like YouTube does. As you also know YouTube has some premium plans but within this app you will also get premium plans for free.

  • Trending Music

This app also offers you trending music and reels sections. You can also search for your favorite songs on this app. This app wants to provide songs and movies to my user as per his requirements. You don’t need any signup to use this app but there is a signup option inside this app if you want to create an account then you can create an account too.

  • Floating Video

When you watch videos inside this app, an option will show in front of you ‘in type’ when you click on this option, a small image will be created inside your window and then you can play the game on your mobile. You can play and the video will continue to play, and if you want to send a message, you can also send a message to someone, and the video will continue to play. This option is not within YouTube.

  • High-Quality Video

In Poptube, you can watch any video in up to 8k quality, that is, you can increase the quality of the video and watch the video so that you can watch the video in HD quality. Within this app, you will see millions of trending videos.

  • Enhanced Viewing

Within this app, you can turn on the power saving mode, that is, if you turn it on and turn off your mobile, your song will still run.

How to Use Pop Tube

  1. First of all, download this app from the Google Play Store and install it on your device.
  2. When you open the app, you can search for songs as you wish and see millions of trending videos.
  3. For any video you watch on this app you will not see any ads inside the videos.
  4. You can increase the video quality up to 8k.


In this application, we have mentioned the alternative of YouTube. On this alternative, you can watch many videos without ads, that is, when you watch a video, you will not see any ads inside the videos and you can watch the video. You can watch the quality up to 8k. Must use this app. Millions of people are using the PopTube app, you can too.


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