Whatsapp Status Saver App Download


If you want to download the WhatsApp status of your friends, then today in this blog post we will mention two Android apps using which you can download the WhatsApp status of your friends. Both of these Android apps will work for free. Using these apps you can view and download your friends’ status anytime. Let’s go and look at the apps.

1. Status Saver – Video Saver

Status Saver – Video Saver, is an Android application that helps users download images and videos from social media. This application is so simple that even a child can use it easily. The interface of this application looks very simple and beautiful to the users. When users open this application, users feel very good seeing the very easy and simple interface. The purpose of this application is to allow users to view and download their friends’ statuses. Users can browse their friends’ statuses and save them to their mobile’s gallery. Users can download the status with one click.

The most beautiful feature is that you can easily save your social media photos and statuses to your gallery using this application. By staying on this application you can download and save your pictures and videos and if you want to delete those pictures then this application also gives this option. You can also watch and enjoy these saved videos offline. This means that users can view their saved content at any time that too without the internet.

When users use this application, they do not run any of their ads within the application. Users can share saved videos and photos with their friends and post them on various platforms. Users can use this application without any hesitation. The design of this application is very simple and very beautiful. Every human can use this application without any hindrance. This application is for everyone who wants to download pictures and videos from social media. This application fully protects your personal information.


2. Whats Status Saver for WA

Whatsapp Status Saver for WA. This is also an Android application. This application goes far beyond downloading statuses and being active on social media. Let’s go and see how this application is used.

Using this application users can download the status of their friends with a single click. On it, you can easily download videos, funny clips, and any kind of video, status, or any kind of image without any hindrance. This application will easily send these downloaded videos to your mobile gallery. With this application, you can easily reply to your friends’ updated statuses and you can do it all on the go. This application saves users time.

You can easily view the status of any of your friends and if you want to say goodbye to someone, you can easily mute the status, and get rid of your friend. If you are worried that this application will not leak our privacy, this application guarantees that your privacy will be protected. Which is very happy for the users. If you want to send the same message repeatedly, you can use Text Raptor. These applications are very different from other applications.

If you have accidentally deleted a message, you can recover that message within one click. This application protects your information very much. Users who save content can easily share the saved content with their friends and other social media. So download this application now.



If you want to download the WhatsApp status of your friends and save that downloaded status then today we have mentioned two applications in this blog post. Both of these applications are very good. You should take advantage of them. Download your favorite app today.

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