Break Free from Short Video Addiction

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We are living in a digital age where every second a new short video or short clip comes in front of us, I am saying this to Android mobile users. Here we are going to talk about an application with the help of which you can block YouTube Short, Facebook Reel, and Instagram Reel, that is, if you use Instagram, you can see different posts on Instagram but not see the reel. Similarly, if you use YouTube, you can’t watch YouTube shorts but you can watch live videos, surely you must have understood what kind of app we are about to mention. Let’s go and see how this application works.

Understanding NoScroll’s Purpose

Noscroll is an Android application. The purpose of this application is to prevent YouTube shorts, Instagram Reel, and Facebook Reel, videos from opening, that is, if you download this app and turn on a setting, when you watch the short videos on these three platforms. If so, short videos will not open, which will be banned. This application cures the addiction of users who are addicted to watching short videos all day long.

Key Features

  1. If someone can’t get away with short videos, this can be very useful for that person. This application prevents short videos from opening.
  2. If you waste your precious time in useless scrolling, take advantage of this application today, and spend your precious time on something good.
  3. Just a few days of using this application should get rid of this reel-watching mind.
  4. This application is specially designed for those users who want to spend their time in a good place, not watching a reel of junk.
  5. Users can choose to block sites on which users don’t want to see reels or videos.

How to Use the App Full Guide

  1. First of all, install this application on your Android mobile to install Google Play Store and download this app from there.
  2. Once the app is installed then after opening the app you have to grant some permissions to the app so that it can block the content.
  3. This application will open all the apps in front of you and you have to block them according to your choice.
  4. This application is continuously running, its high-quality services are active all the time so that the Noscroll application does not stop even for a minute.

Privacy Security

This application ensures that users’ privacy is protected. This application only focuses on video blocking. If you use this application you will not have any kind of problem. This application has been in the market for a long time and millions of people are using this application. 

By using this application you can improve your healthy digital lifestyle. This application removes the addiction of watching short videos continuously. If you hold your mobile to your kids and they waste their time watching useless short videos, it is not a good thing. The advantage of this application is that whenever you hold your children’s mobile, use this application to block apps so that your children cannot watch short videos.

Download this application today and save your precious time from wasting.


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