Best Online Earning App in Pakistan For Students

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Every second person in this world wants to earn online, so today we will talk about three such applications, using which you can earn money sitting at home. Savyour Cashback is an Android application. Which allows the audience to earn online in a wide range. Pi application that introduces a comprehensive approach to digital currencies. And the third application named Scratch givvy this application coins to the viewers to scratch. This application allows listeners to earn money all the time. All these three applications allow one to earn online in Pakistan from which an unemployed person can earn a good income from the comfort of his home.

1. Savyour Cashback

In this bustling world, the Savyour application is considered to be the largest cashback application in Pakistan, helping consumers to find their favorite brands. The Savyour application carries a wide range of over 250 local brands, unlocking a treasure trove of deals and discounts.


Savyour, application is not just an application, this application helps to buy not only the best products but also products at a very low price. Very cute interface of this application that touches the hearts of the users.

How to earn while shopping

Savyour, application has a very good cashback system. With this application, users can withdraw 20 percent of their commission during every transaction. Your 20 percent commission during the transaction you will be 100 percent this is the guarantee of this application. It is a favorite application for users that earns a lot of money from users.

How to Manage a Wallet

This application allows users to withdraw payments instantly. Customers can protect their current balance, manage lifetime balances, and schedule their payments.

How to stay informed about shopping

All the transactions you will do on this application and the ratings your clients will give you will also be visible there. This will allow any client to see your rating before placing an order. Then he will make a good decision.

How to get Referral Bonuses from this application

The Savyour application doubles customer happiness. You can earn by inviting your friends through this application, your friends and you will get bonuses. You will get a bonus of Rs.250 on every invite.


This application is much more than just an app, old and young and everyone can earn using this application. This application is for every guy who wants to earn thousands of rupees online.


2. Scratch Givvy

Scratch Givvy is an Android application that rewards users with real money for scratching cards. This application introduces users to various features that allow users to earn money every day.

Scratch and win prizes

First, you have to choose a card then you have to scratch the card. Then you will see the instant result whatever your income will be.

Additional rewards

Scratch Givvy also rewards users with premium gifts, giving users a chance to win high-quality jackpots. These cards reward users with amazing gifts, adding an extra layer to the application.

Rewards and earnings every day

Every day users enthusiastically scratch these cards and withdraw their daily earnings. It is a trusted app that also rewards users. This app is an easy and fun way for users to earn money.

Users can withdraw their earned payments directly through Basani, PayPal, Coinbase, Amazon, Payeer. The purpose of this app is to protect the payment of its users and to deliver the payment to the wallet of the users as soon as possible. Download this app today and earn rewards and daily earnings by scratching cards every day.


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