Best Free Fitness Tracker App For Android

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Staying fit is important, but gyms can be expensive. Fortunately for Android, there is a perfect free fitness app for training. Which can help you on your exercise training journey, Among these free Android apps, there is a lot of information to give you.

This article will highlight five of the best free fitness tracker Android apps for Android in 2024. We will provide user reviews with pros and cons. Whether you enjoy running, strength training, yoga, or exercise, there are free apps that can meet your needs. You will see that these fitness tracker apps are free and easy. Here’s a look at five Android apps that can meet your fitness goals without breaking your wallets.

1. Muscle Wiki

This app is great for those who want to build Muscle Wiki is the best free fitness tracker app for Android. Has over five million downloads with a 4.5-star rating. The app will be very helpful in meeting your strength goals.

Muscle Wiki will help you by providing step-by-step workout guides. You can enjoy millions of different exercises. Filter by equipment type, muscle group, and shape level to find the best exercise to suit your needs. The app also includes full-body lower-body workout routines. If you want more personalized plans, you can create custom routines.

Apart from workouts, Muscle Wiki also serves as a complete fitness tracker. Log your exercise sets and rest times. Here are up-to-date charts so you can track your time.  Here it helps you lift more weight and do more reps. The app has achievement bangers and unlocks for fitness milestones. There is a community of users, and you can join the conversation and get questions answered if you ever get stuck. This free app checks all the boxes for effective strength tracking and finds new exercises.


2. Hevy

If you lift weights and are looking for a good fitness app to work with, Hevy is a free strength training tracker. Highest rated in the world of weightlifting with a 4.8-star rating. 

Heavy’s foundation is its huge database of strength-based exercises. Search for any lift you’ve been imagining and you’ll likely find it here. The app provides tips, photos, and videos. When you start the workout tracker, you can log sets, reps, weight, and rest time.

Hevy has more built-in programs to train you.  Enlarging muscles, improving technique, and correcting muscle balance. Programs are automatically adjusted based on each workout.

One of the best features of Hevy is its plate calculator.  After entering the plates you have, the app tells you exactly which one to use when increasing/decreasing the weight for each set.

Hevy is one of the top free fitness apps for more serious lifters. The app balances useful data tracking with an interface that’s still easy to use. If you want to get help in lifting weights, then definitely use heavy.


3. Workouts For Men

As the name suggests, Workouts For Men is a free fitness app designed specifically for men’s workouts. With hundreds of exercises and more workout routines, the app has proved to be very helpful for boys.

Inside this app, there are detailed instructions, pictures, hints, and gifs that help to know everything. You can browse the movements of body parts, such as arms, chest, and shoulders. Choose from workout routines tailored for the upper body, legs core, and more.  Cooldowns are also included within the app.

When you start working out, fitness training for men turns into tracking. Log sets, weights, times, etc. and track your entire workout section. The app uses it to create charts of your workout progress so you can see strength and endurance gains over time.

Apart from exercise content, the app also connects you with like-minded male fitness enthusiasts, which benefits you immensely.  Ask questions and get answers in the up community.  In this app, you can move around as if you are in a gym.

Along with training, there is something for all men who want to spend more time in the gym and build the strong muscular body you seek.


4. Lose Weight App for Men

This app can be very useful for reducing belly fat and customizing the stomach. By using this app you can get rid of fat and keep your body fit. You can reduce your male weight by following this app.

You can burn belly and chest fat fast without gym conditions in 10 to 20 minutes daily. The part of the body where there is no fat is safe. Inside this app, you will be given pro tips, and 20+ bodyweight exercises to take your fitness level to the next level.

This app makes new changes every day to advance the workout level of the app. There are tracking tools within this app to track your exercise training. Add your stats to your weight loss over time, or you can connect with Google Fit to experience your food data in one place.

Within this app, you will also be shown videos which you can do a good practice while watching the video. If you want to slim down your waist or lose a lot of chest fat, you can easily get rid of them. This weight loss app for men also provides coaching. By following these few steps you can get rid of your breast and belly fat.

If you use this app for 20 days your body fat will start melting and you will start seeing results thus you can get your body fit.


5. Lose Weight App for Women

Slim your body fast with this weight loss app for women. By following this app you can slim your waist get rid of your belly fat, and get your body fit. Women can get their whole body fit by following the steps given by this app while staying at home.

If women follow the steps of this app for 20 to 25 minutes every day, they can burn away their body fat and get fit.

You will also find videos inside this app, these videos will also be very beneficial for you. This app has different steps to strengthen each part of the body. Which you can follow.